Story ~ Count Castiel was the strongest master alive but grew tired of of being in hiding finally the day when he came out of hiding and took over a city with ease. Turning humans into vampire and forcing humans to do his bidding . After awhile the humans of the city got used to it except a handful soon they got tired of being servants. So they rebelled and killed Castiel and escaped with there lives but what they didn't know was he had a son. His son got wind of his father's death and became enraged and took over his father rank of master. Soon the Vatican took charged and attacked but their efforts were in vain. now a few years later the son of Castiel is still master but now he's got new enemies to deal with. A ancient race that was said to have died after off years ago...but they were wrong. now that race is teamed up with the Vatican and have entered the City. So what will happen to the city will the son stay in control or will the city fall by the war about to break out in the city or it finally be freed from the vampires grasp?

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