"In this world it is hunt or be hunted.."

We walk among the living, without them knowing.
Freaks cast out from society, free to live, free to roam, free to kill again.
Once shunned from these lands of Transylvania, we have been reluctantly accepted in society.
Little do they know that not all of us are evil,
some of us refuse to drink blood and are vaccinated daily to prevent natural instincts from taking over.
Others slaughter and feed on the innocent for pleasure.
As you may have heard, we have so called "weaknesses" to sunlight,
garlic, and christian or catholic artifacts.
These are just false accusations..
We do not turn to dust as sunlight caresses our pale skin,
we are not repelled by garlic, (actually I quite enjoy garlic bread myself..)
nor do we turn into bats and fly away in the night.
And as for a stake through the heart..
that will kill humans, so accusing someone as a vampire and then trying to stake them through the heart is not a good idea..
However, the only ones of our kind that has weaknesses to anything of any sort are those who are evil,
ones with no emotions, who only kill for pleasure, who are subject to the devil himself.
Exposure to christian or catholic artifacts may cause paralysis or even cause them to go insane,
screeching and howling like a gremlin or possibly even sending them into a deep sleep for hundreds or even millions of years
if accompanied by the proper spell.
Many of you may know that we have the power to regenerate or heal ourselves.. so stabbing is out of the question..
[to be continued.]

We are currently in the beginning stage, so bare with us!
In the mean time, you may post freely but please follow these simple rules..

- Follow all TOS
- Obey the guild moderators.
- Be nice.
- No spamming or bumping (unless there is a thread)
inability to follow these rules will result in banishment from the guild.. >.>

About the creator
The name's Gage, I'm 22 years old and ftm transgender. That means I was female at birth, but have always had the mentality of a male. So I am going to transition by medical means, so that my body aligns with my gender. Not all trans people transition in the same way. So don't assume that my transition will consist of the same things another trans individual has/had/will have done. I am an animal lover, a music enthusiast, I listen to all types of music, except country and some rap. I have a really deep connection with nature and things considered magickal, like the fae. That's really all I can think of for now. If you want to know more, ask.