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8000 years ago there existed 7 races. The human's, the magi, vampires, werewolves, demon's, elves and guardian's. For a time they lived in peace.

Human's were the most common, they lived in small city's and dealt with the other races with respect and honor. They were far more advanced then most.

The magi are humans born with special marks, it is a symbol of the powerful magic they command. They differ from humans because as their magic increases they become tan and their ears began to sharpen and elongate.

Vampires were just immortal humans, they were the first of all kinds to discover immortality.

Werewolves are beings who could awaken the animal within and become one with nature itself.

Elven folk had great magic and advanced intelligence, they were the more advanced then any of the races. They gained the trust of the other races and learned much, making them the rival's of even the guardian's themselves.

Demons were peaceful and kind. They were cunning and strong.

The guardian's were the keeper's of peace, they could fell 10 men in a minute.

150 years of peace passed and all was well. But nothing lasts forever....

The leader of the vampires and demons had met together in secret, a guardian had slain a trouble making vampire. So the immortal ones sought the help of their ally's for their revenge.

They thought the guardian would be alone, but he had company. All hell broke loose.

Guardian blood had been spilled and that was unforgivable. War broke out all across the land, until after 3 years of war the last guardian lay slain. The leader of the magi was angered and punished all races. He gathered his mage brothers and began a series of rituals.

He bound the vampire to night and revealed their true blood-lust.

The werewolves became servants of the moon and their bestial nature.

The elven folk had their knowledge and magic taken from them, although the only thing they kept were their incredible lifespan.

The humans were stripped of all their knowledge, even though they played little part in the war.

Demons were sealed away inside of another realm, a realm void of anything. Limbo.


In the 1000 years that followed humans were bound as slaves and forced to be cattle to the vampires. Werewolves went into hiding as did the magi. The elves vanished from history, some say they live underground, others say they are gone, but even to this day nobody alive has seen one. Many demons had been released through objects that once belonged to them, so they began anew. The vampires rained in this time until the humans with the help of a mage revolted and earned their freedom. The vampires went into hiding and never have they been heard of...until now.