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Under a soft moon glow lays a shadowy earth
A wolf fills his gullet with a mournful cry
And the wings of a leviathan dot out the stars
Two sworn enemies mix, like despair and mirth
Imagination is born so that hatred may die
This place is our haven. This place is ours.

Welcome to the Black Dragon and Silver Wolf club. A haven defined not by the people, but by their minds. This is place dedicated to original role plays and friendly gatherings. We promise you a comfortable atmosphere of mystery and originality. If any of these whispers or promises has aroused your intrigue, please join our haven and add your mind to the gathering of the individuals and the seas of their dreams.

To apply, please submit your application under the following standards:

1. There are three passwords hidden inside the Rules and Guidelines announcement. Read through the announcement and include all three passwords at the beginning of your request.
2. Include a brief summary of the role play genres or social forum setting that you enjoy. This is to help us make our guild more fun for you.
3. Include a word of two of how you found this guild—if it was by browsing the registry, upon recommendation of a friend, or something else—and why this guild interests you.