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Welcome to The Barton Town Police Department. BTPD is a volunteer service that helps the Gaian community by actively reporting violations of the Gaian Terms of Service (TOS).

Being a member of BTPD does NOT make you either a real police officer or a Gaia moderator.
BTPD is not affiliated with Gaia staff.

Please note that two quick tests and a short interview are required to become an officer. As well as five days of post history in the forums.
Officers earn a wage of 2 million gold per hour of work a month as a thank you for their efforts. Our pay scale goes up from there. We take volunteers too, and regular members.

To join, please fill out the application below and pm it to 'BTPD Human Resources'.
Please have your pms set to public or make 'BTPD Human Resources' a friend until after you've trained. Thanks!

[b]Timezone:[/b] (for use in organizing training sessions)
[b]Birth year:[/b] (Gaia has age rules)
[b]Date Joined Gaia:[/b]
[b]Why do you want to be a Barton Town Police Officer?:[/b]
[b]How did you hear about us:[/b] (Thread name, signature owner, person, etc)

Who we are and what we do
We are a model criminal justice community that aims to provide Gaia with the professional policing service it deserves and give those with an interest in criminal justice a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment.

It is our aim to train our officers to the highest levels, and to provide them with the equipment, supervision, support, and the community they need to succeed. We care very deeply about the community we serve and the members of our guild, treating both with respect and dignity.

*We require at minimum five days of current post history.
After you send a pm we will evaluate your application, and inform you of your acceptance/rejection. If you do not hear a response within 3 days, contact us about the delay in processing you. Note that any information provided in the pm is kept private. Only the Guild Captain sees those pms.*

All of our affiliates can be found here.

If your organization would like to be funded by the Barton Town Police Department, please send a private message to Love Renewed.

Disclaimer The Barton Town Police Department is not an official body of Gaia Interactive, Inc.