Welcome to the Barton Battle Arena!

Gaia, a world of people, a world of differences, a world of warriors.

No place better states that than the Barton Battle Arena. Located near beautiful Barton Town, Gaia's first and only arena stands tall and proud, beckoning any and all challengers that wish to take the ultimate prize.

The title of Champon.

For in this arena all the warriors of Gaia gather together to prove who is the strongest, the fastest, the smartest, and who is the luckiest.

But not only warriors stop here. Fans, wannabe-warrors, and gamblers all come to make use of the Arena's facilities. There is a bar, the arenta itself, and a training area. It calls to every person, all wanting them to come and visit a true testament to Gaia itself. To the meaning behind it all. Differences. Both of personality, and power. Only one question remains.

Are you a fighter, or a fan?

A few notations and regulations:
1: This is a ROLEPLAYING guild. As such, we expect you to be AT LEAST semi-literate, or want to be semi-literate. We don't want to see * or anything like it.
2. Please follow Gaian TOS. It's just common sense.
3. No godmodding, autohitting, or the like. that's just cheating.