Welcome to The Assassins Cove!

This guild is open to all members, those of secretive lives, and those of the unashamed.
Become the assassin you always have wanted to be!

Come to chat, and roleplay, even join in contests!

Do you feel you are ready to join us?
Do you have what it takes?
If so, please join.

If you do join, we would ask that you try and be as active as you can to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Because we are serious, we ask for a small price of one hundred gold coins.

For any questions or assistance, please PM one of the Mods.

Know your mods.
XxGangsta Grim ReaperxX
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IM a Hardcore gamer
Im the type of person that loves challenges but loves to lay back
If you any of ya need help with games just PM me and ill report back to you in a week or so

Vice captains
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im a hardcore gamer. does not like to loose. i like any game that has to do with fighting or war. i love to play assassins creed. i like a challenge. my friends consider me as the king of games. well some of them. i just recently bought the ps3. i like it but not as the xbox360. i also talk about the upcoming games that are coming out. that is all...

Assasin Altair
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Hi everyone.
A little bit about me.
I have been a gamer for as long as I can remmember.
I am a good gamer.
I have played almsot every game that has come out.
My favourite games company is "UbiSoft"
I think they are the best company because their games are always the most amazing, epic games.
Favorite games:

Assassins Creed, Fable, Guitar Hero, Splinter Cell, GTA, Brothers In Arms.

I am extremely open minded, mabye to much for my own good sometimes.
If anyone ever wants to talk to me, that's fine, say what you like.