Welcome to "The Asian Guild".

This guild is for everything Asian!

There many opportunities for you here.
We have 101 language classes currently for
• Japanese - Taught by JoysterSM
• Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) - Taught by iChatty & Johanna410.
• Filipino - CamiiLaBellex3

The classes are taught by a gaian teacher chosen and reviewed carefully by us.

(More are coming soon! Please PM iChatty or Joystersm if you would like to help teach a language. Thank you!)

We also have things like
Culture Classes (As in if you don't know something like how to use chopsticks. These classes teach you these things!)

So if you like:
• Pocky
• Anime & Manga
• Learning Asian languages
• Learing about new cultures.

Than this is the group for you!

~~Please don't send blank requests. We will decline them, no matter what your profile says. And if you want to join, please try to make an effort to post at least once.