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PLEASE NOTE- We are currently changing somethings around the guild. We decided to remove personal subfourms, we are not keeping the threads in the archives just deleting them, we think it is the best move. There will be some other changes going on over the next few months, mostly fourm related.

Happy Holidays!
- Fire, Vice - Cap

This is a fan run guild for Anime North attendees. Anime North is an anime convention situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is an annual event, and occurs every May.

Main Forum
In the main forum, members can discuss such subjects as, but not limited to: the Anime North Gaia Gathering, the panels they wish to attend, the guests attending AN, and their past experiences with AN.
This is also a place to meet and get to know fellow AN congoers/Gatherers.

Announcements, Feedback, Q&A
This fourm is to let us communicate about guild matters, upcoming events and what not that the crew need to let the members know about. It is also a place for the members to ask questions and give suggestions.

Introductions, Post here if you are new!
For new users or old members that have not been around for a while, this is a place to say hello and introduce yourself.

OT - For Offtopic and Other Topics
Members post random things here - spam, self-promoting threads, games, and more. If it doesn't fit into the other categories, it goes here.

Other Conventions
Anime North is not the only convention in Ontario, so here you may talk about other upcomming conventions and events (during or outside of conventions) that are planned.

This forum is crew-only, meaning only mods can access it. Top-secret!

Hobbies and Interest
Here, members discuss hobbies and interests such as TCGs, manga, anime, collectibles, video games, and more

This is where members discuss their upcoming cosplays, recruit cosplayers for groups or photoshoots, share pictures and give advice to others.

Past Anime North threads and memories
This is where threads about past Anime North conventions go so you can easily find pictures and discussions.

Here are where all old threads go after they are locked. They are available for your reading pleasure. ^_^

Disclaimers and Rules

There is no entry fee, but if you wish to join, please put in your request that you will be attending ANIME NORTH. Please and thank you. ^^

Since this is a fan-run guild, we may not reflect the same opinion of Anime North itself. We do not represent or associate with the Anime North official website, nor are we an official forum like The Treehouse of the Maple Moon. Our members do not all share the views of the official site, nor do we always post content that would be permitted on it. We are merely a community for AN congoers, not a tangent of the official website.

All official Anime North site content is Copyright 2007 Anime North. All rights reserved. All images, names, and logos are the copyright of their respective owners.