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Enjoy this group pic. Christmas at TAP's Bar O3O

Remember the times when the real party is too formal or too stiff for you to have all the fun in the world?
Ever had those times when the main event just wasn't fun at all and then you go out with your friends and have a blast in some mall or hangout of the sort? That's where we come in.
The After Party is all about having fun when we've had our fair share of reality.

I like The After Party because I think of after parties as times for people to either celebrate something artistic (dramatic arts accomplishments, for example, but I don't mean to suggest that is all they are for), but also as a time for people to get together and just discuss whatever is on their minds--inspiration for something, feelings about some event or issue, ideas, etc. I think of it as sometimes being a more intimate setting, too. It has a broad and allowing theme for people to get together and enjoy a good forum conversation.

We won't dish out too many rules. Okay, maybe just one! One that everyone should know. Follow the TOS.

And loves, if you would like to make a donation to TAP, please PM Ayame-Yuura
and send a trade to the official guild mule, TAP The Party Addict.

Taking a tour around TAP? Why not start here~? ^o^


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Everyone is welcome to party with us. TAP that!

-TAP crew-

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