Welcome to The AFGEOCM!

The ADD-Friendly Guild-!

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For The:
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And The:
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-Clever Mule-

To Join:

arrow Mention Across, Ilpalazzo-Sama, or ILL Electronics in your Join Request.
arrow ~Dance~ Something Festive, not too Flashy.
arrow Are you an Eccentric? An Otaku? A Clever Mule? ...do you have ADD?
arrow On a Scale of Smell to Orange, what is your Oddness/ADD level?
(if you can't focus on the question long enough to know the answer, make it up!)
arrow Sneeze twice while sending the Request!

Thank You and Have a Day!

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Mascot Sketch Provided By Chained_for_a_Wolfie

domokun LAW 1-A: Thou Shalt not Break Thy TOS.

domokun Law 2-A: Thou Shalt not Be Mean to People for No Reason.
...unless everyone finds it funny, then you can...but it has to be clever mockery!

domokun Law 3-A: Thou Shalt not Flame, Troll, Frog, or Gremlin.
...or something. @-@;

domokun Law 1-B: Some Have it, Some F-a-g it, and Some Like it Hot and Yuri.
Everyone be Polite about Your Pr0n. Keep it in the Right Thread.
(and keep it TOS! ... <o-o< ... >o-o> ((or PM links on the side! whee )))

domokun Law 2-B: Be Active in the Guild!
How can we taunt you if you're never around? xd

domokun Law 3-B: You Must Exhibit Signs of being ADD, Eccentric, an Otaku, or a Clever Mule!
...or we'll make you join the Magical Girl Guild!
( gonk )

pirate More Rules may be Added as People Suck. pirate

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Clever Mule Mascot provided by TurtleOverlord

No further donations, please.
We're all set, spend your gold on your awesome self!