Well, we're not yet fancy but we're working on it lol! Anyway this guild is just about people who like to talk and converse on topics that don’t really come up in regular gaiaonline conversations! If you have a conversation and or discsussion that you would like to suggest just write the Vice captain and we will consider it! Then after a couple of days we will decide the winner of the discussion! smile Here we try to make it friendly and open!!
Rules/guidelines: (Because rules sound degrading!)
1.) No cybering
2.) Participate
3.) Join willingly
4.) Happy attitude
5.) Respect leaders... Which means listening to them! smile
6.) No fighting… Unless in a heated discussion
7.) No foul language
8.) No hacking
9.) No spammers! (Caution: We will find you and we will report you!)
10.) Have fun! smile
Rules and or guidelines may be changed which goes in the lines of being removed or being modified or simply adding another one~!! ) Just have fun and enjoy yourself... We don't bite... wink

Vice Captain Nana and Captain Tao