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Warriors- The 7 Clans

It's been seasons since the great Firestar and the evil Tigerstar. The clans are living peacefully at the their old home, which, after many moons, has grown back to what it used to be and nothing could be better, even the twolegged town was knocked down and is now open territory. Skyclan has moved back to live in it's old home and there is peace. There are even some new clans joining the orignal five.

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Thunderclan is a peaceful clan that respectful of the other clans In battle. They are fierce, loyal, and courageous They speak out for what they think is right and aren't afraid to challenge the warrior code. Their leader is Moonstar, their deputy is Tigersong and Pebblewing is the clan's medicine cat. They live in the forest.

Riverclan is contented, sleek, and well fed. They have long fur and glossy coats. They love beautiful things and often collect rocks, shells, and feathers for their dens. They do not fear water. Their leader is Smokestar, their deputy is Trapheart, Fadingleaf is the clan's medicine cat. They live next to the rivers.

Shadowclan is battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for territory. It is said that the cold wind that blows across the territory makes their hearts cold and untrusting. Their leader is Stormstar, their deputy is Amberclaw, and Hazesky is the clan's medicine cat. They live in the marshes next to the Thunderpath.

Windclan is fiercely loyal, tough, fast-running, and easily offended cats. They are nervous and quick to flee, due to the lack of cover on the open moor. Of all the Clans they have the deepest knowledge of Twolegs from seeing them on nearby farms in the forest. Their leader is Nightstar, their deputy is Redclaw, and Dawnwing is the clan's medicine cat. Their medicine cat apprentice is Fawnpaw They live on the open moor next to a twolegged farm.

Skyclan is a wild and loyal clan. They prefer to do things on their own but the appreciate the other clans and will help them when the time comes. Their leader is Crowstar, their deputy is Fallenheart, Violetpath is the clan's medicine cat, and Echopaw is her apprentice. They live in their old territory, where the old twolegged town used to be.

Treeclan is secretive, sly, and shy. They keep to themselves anddon't tell the other clans about their problems. Their leader is Ravenstar, their deputy is Russetwind, Lilyshine is the clan's medicine cat. They live in large, hollow trees next to Thunderclan's territory.

Wishclan is a violent clan that hates rogues and non-clan cats. They sometimes attack for no reason. They aren't friendly at gatherings. Their leader is Drizzlestar, their deputy is Mothpelt, and Spottedflame is the clan's medicine cat, and Cavepaw is her apprentice. They live under WindClan's territory in tunnels.

Stormclan is a gentle clan that is very close to Starclan. The showno fear in battle and are very social cats. Their leader is Goldenstar, their deputy is Airflame, and Dovewhisper is the clan's medicine cat. They live next to Skyclan's territory in a forest.

The Tribe of Rushing Water is a unquie tribe that fends for themselves. They aren't big fans of the clans which is why they don't come to gatherings or anything. They have their own ancestors that they speak to. Their healer is Teller of the Pointed Stones.

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