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We are the 47+ Ronin. Here you will understand what it means to be samurai. You will learn of tactics, weapons, skills, codes of conduct, & the true history of the fearless warriors that are known the world over, but not always understood.

You will also learn of the shinobi, or ninja. This may be the most misunderstood group in Japanese history. We will pull back the curtain & show you the truth behind these men & women of legend.

Curious about that little island that has held such power & mystery the world over? Want to know how to watch your favorite anime w/o subtitles? This guild is going to give you the answers you seek. It will have sections dedicated to language, culture, & customs of this glorious country.

Planning a trip to Land of The Rising Sun? Got you covered! A section will be dedicated to traveling to this beautiful country; including sights, places of interest, currency, flights & anything you want to know about your stay in one of the most interesting & fast developing country's in the spinning ball we call earth.

Hope to see you here, all are welcome, as long as you can be respectful & follow Gaia's ToS; & the guidelines set forth by our guild. Have fun & get learned people!!