Welcome to the 1st Legion Barton Regular Heros!

What we do?
This guild was made for Non-ZOMGers and ZOMGers to join and chat about zOMG. The guild also hosts contest from here to there. This guild is mainly based on zOMG, but there's other stuff in this Guild also! Such as games, free chat, posting threads, RP, and more!

How to join?
To join, Simply fill out the form saying the word "Papasaw" At least one time.

Donation Information
If you donate, Please sent it to the Guild Mule, and not the Guild account. If you donate into the Guild, It's forever stuck in there, exept for announcements and new subforums. Right now we have enough in there, and can always add more from our Mule account. If you donate to the Mule, That means more contests will be hosted for you all!
If you donate, Send a trade to 1st legion mule
Thank you!

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