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The goal of That's So Stereotypical:

I've always been the girl who was stereotyped. The Nerd, the Emo, the Goth, the Asian, the Fat Girl, and sometimes, it got hard. I didn't really have anyone to go to when that happened. I turned to cutting and other ways to relieve the pain of bullying. Eventually, I knew I had to stop, because I was literally killing myself, what with permanent nerve damage and emotional pain from it, too. I had to stop on my own, and it was so hard to. But you don't have to. This guild is for that.

We're here for you to cry with. We're here to help. We're here when you need friends. Give us your own life story, let us feel your pain. Let us help. I promise, we won't just say, "Oh, cutting is bad. Suicide is bad. You're wrong for thinking that." I've been in guilds that have said that, and this guild will not be like that.

Together, let's banish stereotyping and bullying. Let's build a community that doesn't judge. There will be challenges through-out that you members can do. Challenges that might change someone's life, or how they look at people. Challenges that will help getting rid of bullying.

Together, I know we can do this. Together, we can change the world, and that matters. Together, we can Change lives; simple lives that make such a difference. Together...

Let's change.