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Dear Participant,

Thank you for participating in our early testing of Airth, the latest and greatest of video games. Our goal is to make the game so realistic you'll feel as though you're actually inside it. Come to any of the company's offices around the globe to begin testing. There may be other participants in your area, but we strongly discourage you to talk to each other while outside of the game. Our competitors are trying very hard to get any information they can about this game and it is of the utmost importance that they learn nothing. We look forward to seeing you at our offices to begin testing.

The Airth Team
Kadic Industries

Letters such as these were mailed to people who applied to test the game all over the world. This game is supposed to be the latest and greatest of them all. The beta testing has been very strict and people only ever see each other in game if at all, but the plans promise to be incredible. Players of this game could create characters of all races and classes to conquest and go on adventures alone or with groups. The game system had the ability to connect to the internet so thousands of people over the world could launch themselves, together, on journeys they may never be able to explore in real life.

Unfortunately for them, six weeks after they added more testers, something went horribly wrong. They had just logged all of their participants into the game when the computer systems responsible for maintaining the game was hacked and commandeered. The company lost all control of the game, causing a code red to strike through the corporation. But the terror didn't end there. . .

Within an hour of being taken, the game trapped the players inside, causing the testers to slip into a coma while being forced to fight for their lives in the virtual world. Soon after a broadcast was reflected in the sky of the virtual world. Someone under the username 'Dragon Curse' announced the imprisonment of the gamers and warned them not to attempt to escape. None of the beta tester recognized the username, but they became familiar with it very quickly.



Please read the rules thoroughly. I hate having to be mean sounding or deal with people that can't be bothered. Words of caution: If I don't find your join request acceptable or if you don't use the application form, I will feel no remorse for denying you, particularly if I don't know you yet. If you feel I've been unfair, feel free to send me a PM, but as long as I don't get a "let me join plz!" type of thing, we should be good.


To apply
How did you find this place?
What do you have to do after you read the rules?
How active are you?
Favorite color?
Can you manage 5 sentences a post? (sentences not lines, period and all)
Show me your talent (Please provide a sample. Doesn't have to be a novel, but enough that I know you can post)
Which rule do you like the most?

Please do not donate to the guild!