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This role play is based off of the Japanese Mecha Anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It is mostly non-canon other than the fact that there is a Spiral King, Anti-Spiral, and Gunmen. The story however, is the same for the most part. If any of this sounds familiar to you than you're good. Otherwise I'd suggest watching it before actually role playing here. I'd hate to be the one to spoil such a great anime.

This story takes place on future Earth, in which all human life lives underground. Most people don't even think the surface exist, however it does. The surface is filled with all sorts of creatures that some from the underground would never have seen in their lives. However, if they did somehow make it to the surface, they'd be killed instantly by giant mecha called Gunmen. Gunmen are only able to be controlled by Beastmen; or are they? Beastmen are creatures that hate humans to no end, they are ruled over by the "Spiral King" that rules all of the surface. Most humans, however don't know of their existence, others do their best to fight the beastmen and their Gunmen.
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1. Respect all members of the Guild, this includes staff. If staff are misbehaving they will be reprimanded.
2. No god modding, no one likes a cheat, period.
3. Keep it PG-14, if things are getting steamy, do a time skip or take it off Gaia. Don't want this being reported for violating T.o.S
4. This is a no smoking zone, that means no flaming/trolling, that would be breaking rule number 1 as well.
5. Please no one liners or text talk. This is a literate role playing guild so that means 2+ paragraphs. You will have the maximum of 3 warnings before a kick.
6. Not really a rule, but have fun~

Registration Rules
*Have you watched Gurren Lagann?
*Why are you wanting to join?
*Are you a literate role player?
*Are you going to be active?
*Give an example of your rp skills.