Hundreds of years ago, a plague struck the earth…

Living organisms were broken down at an atomic level from the inside out, their genetic make-up altered completely. The Earth itself was changing, the plague leaving a sea of radiance and color in its horrible, malignant wake.

People fled to the farthest corners of the earth, hoping to survive. The resulting segregation and individualistic mentality left a xenophobic, battle-minded world in its wake.

Today, survival depends on cooperation between every member of the small societies that have slowly begun to repopulate the land. Because of the preoccupation with one’s immediate surroundings, very little of the expansive world has been explored. In fact, it was only very recently that the tribes living in Jauhar and the Earthlings in Tale became aware of one another. Who knows what else may occupy their expansive home.

And so our story begins anew… on Tendaji.