(still under construction)
The stress between the eleven clans has been mounting for many a year, and the summit that is war is seen within reach... who will start an alliance, and what side will your clan choose?

1. the Demons
2. the Vampires
3. the Lycans
4. the Centaurs
5. the Humans
6. the Witches
7. the Fae
8. the Shifters
9. the Dragons
10. the Trolls
11. the Elves

application to join

How long have you been role-playing:
How many role-plays have you been an active part of:
Will you be active:
Are you Literate or Semi-literate:
Are you willing to take(and give) constructive critiques:
Will you fallow the rules set forth by the guild captain:
Role-playing example: