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Welcome to the TFA!

Please read everything before submitting your join request!

Welcome to the TFA! This is the perfect guild for any teenager/young adult who is filled to the brim with the pride of being a furry! We also offer acceptance to those who are not furry, but are supporters of the fandom or wish to learn more! We are going to offer a variety of things such as contests! (Drawing, writing etc.) Role-Playing, and sub-forums stocked with your ideas! Plus, much more to come soon! We ask for your patience, as this is a new guild and it is still in the process of developing! However, we will make sure that nobody ends up bored here!

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1. Follow Gaia's TOS!
2. Respect administration!
3. Respect your new family!
4. Do not spam!
5. No lying about your age, or lie in general.
6. No "yiff." Only YERF!
7. No asking for Crew position!
8. Please stay active!
9. No begging!
10. Please give accurate information in your join request!
11. Ages 13-21 Please!
12. Use proper grammar!
13. No bumping!
14. Do not distribute information that is too personal!
15. Be as furry as you can be!

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Join Requests!

To join, provide information on your fursona and yourself! Here is an example of what yours should include:
- Name
- Age
- Fursona Name
- Fursona Age
- Species
- Description of Character
- Reason For Application
- What you expect from this guild
- Will you be active? When?
- Code (Search hard! biggrin )

Non-Furry Members -

We also offer a place for you too in our lovely home! We want to help you understand who we are and what we are about! If you already know what/who we are and just want to join as a supporter, we also have room here too! Please just put that bit of information in your join request! But don't forget to fill the rest out too!

I will be hosting a contest for 175k in total as soon as we hit 25 members! The prizes are as follows:
1st Place - 100k
2nd Place - 50k
3rd Place - 25k
All honorable mentions will receive a 2k prize for submitting!

Thank you!

Code: RX3TW09

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Our guild member count has been steadily increasing. We are trying to be more attentive to the low RP count, but also need ideas and submissions from the members. Also, please note that there will be a new joke contest starting at the fiftieth member approval! Grand prize is 100k!!


Due to complications with the private guild setting, and members not being able to find our guild, the feature has been switched to public for the time being to find new members and restore the guild activity. We will be watching the activity levels in the guild and sending messages if need be. The new Vice-Captain is Kaiyan. Please show him the highest respect as he has helped me tremendously. Also regarding the public setting, If we find that you posted in the guild using hate messages, we will immediately report you to Gaia Administration. We do not take harassment lightly. In other news, we are going to start a talent competition when the member count reaches 25. It doesn't have to be perfect! The talent contest is for members to learn about each other, and to have new things to chat about! Please participate! Rules will be established in the near future. The last bit of news! We want to display a song on the guild home page every week. So send in a request in the guild forums when we set up a new thread. [EDIT] Forget just music. We want artwork and talents and videos and everything you want to decorate our page with!

Due to extreme virus attacks against my computer, request acceptance may take a while. approximate estimation of the time of acceptance would be about one and a half hours to one full day. If we go over that approximation, I am very sorry for that inconvenience. If it occurs that I shall need a new computer, the process of purchasing a new one will delay things tenfold. I shall see to it that nothing of the sort happens now, or in the future. Thank you for your patience!

The Guild member count is extremely low! We ask even those with the slightest interest join! Just try hanging out here! You have nothing to lose!

WE ARE RAISING THE BAR! The new age limit has been raised to 21. However, any age older than that will not be accepted.


We also are trying to keep our members safe because they are minors. Any information given that we feel is too personal, or could be used for contact will be taken off. Thus said, any one who does supply information that is too personal will be given a warning, and for a second offense, (depending on the severity,) will be banned. Also, those who ask for personal information will be severely warned with possible suspension still depending on the severity. Sexual innuendos/posts will be taken extremely serious. We will not tolerate anything of the sexual nature. If you try to avoid this rule and send a message to someone and we find out, you will be banned and reported to Gaia administration.

Want to display our sexy banner? Ask!
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