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Welcome to the guild for just about anything you want (short of violation of the rules, duh) (note: the title is not in any language that I know of, and the words in parentheses are not a translation. get over it)

Here you can do exactly whatever you want. RP, advertise, discuss, argue, beat the crap out of each other with mythical items (does that count as RP?), hell make this place your store if you want. Just make sure you're a member, first. ^_^

Any problems with other members are to be handled appropriately. In other words, no low blows, got it?

If you want to help (aka join the crew) you will PM me with a request and a GOOD reason as to why I should promote you. Don't worry, I'm not that much of a hard-ass. I just don't want a bunch of sore losers who'll go around editing everyone's posts to get what they want.

Oh, and whatever you do, do NOT donate to the guild. I'll find you and either ban you or demand an explanation and then ban you. Or something like that.

XD have fun, people. And remember, plots are good, plot twists are only good if the plot is, and if an RP totally sucks (id est nobody's posted in the last two weeks without hiatus) I'll delete it! whee

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