Everyone is welcome smile

The Deal
-Be active!
-No Trolling
-Zero post = kick
- Follow ToS
- Enjoy smile

What We're About
This here guild is for many things. Let's go down the list smile making friends, being awesome, being more awesome, being the awesomest, being unstoppable once we have a 3 man crew, having fun, riding horses, flying with dragons, surfing on sea lions, stealing fluffs, taking over zOMG,making gold & helping eachother out.

Future Plans
We're a new guild. Things may be a little slow at first(obv). So far I, Pain, am the only one working on it. Creating & doing everything (<---- haha you funny)pshhh Jazz here too but As we progress I will open events, contests, 'giveaways' and many more. Post whenever you can & help out. Thanks.