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In the days before Naruto, Jiraya, Pain, and The Great Forth there was an era of war between the villages. This everlasting conquest killed off several. The greatest weapons in this war are those who have become something known as shinobi. These great warriors are you. Prepare for the great ninja war. Rise from Genin to Kage as you become the greatest ninja of all.


1) No god-modding, auto-hitting, controlling other peoples characters.
2) Don't argue with the Captain, Vice Captain, or Crew. What they say is final, and if you have something to complain about message me.
3) Obey Gaia TOS.
4) Do not insult others Role Playing ability's, everyone starts somewhere.
5) One of my most strict rules. Do not use Text Talk.
6) No Mule avi's allowed.