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So this is my first guild. I felt like making an RP guild. XD so I did. I should probably mention that the entire guild is one giant RP, except for a few areas to play and chat. I would prefer that anyone who joins be sort of literate at least, though I don't expect everyone to have to superb RPing skills since I myself am still pretty noobish 3. Yeah, yeah I know. "Why did you make an RP guild when you're not very skilled at it?" Meh, I felt like it. Don't worry. We'll just learn as we go.

Now then, more about the guild. You can create your own character or choose one from my pre-set list. That's your choice. As far as characters go, you have quite a variety of choices: a student, a teacher, a shop clerk, or a principal(lolz). The list goes on. I may toss in a few surprises as the guild grows. Well, I hope we all have fun!
And I guess you can give a reason for joining if you want to.

Okay new news. Right now I don't have regular access to a computer so I can't do much in my guild. (I have my phone but it can only do so much hehehe.) So I'm depending on my VCs to help keep this place alive. You can still join if you would like to help that effort. ^w^

Well...that hasn't gone well lol. Don't worry once I get a laptop I plan to re-open this place but for now I'll shut it down.

8/30/11 - Re-opened the guild. ^^