1. Style comes from within

"For me, what swag is...it's persona. It's confidence, it's personality. It's about you. You can't let the clothes wear you. You've gotta wear the clothes. You gotta freak it, you gotta style it. You've gotta do it your own way and you've gotta own it. That's what swag is about. It's about being you, not letting anybody dictate what your personal preference is with clothing."

2. Don't blindly follow trends

"A lot of the time, people will be like, 'Oh, this person has swag.' But you know, they're not really wearing their outfit. They're just wearing it because it's cool or because it's in. I just do what I like and wear what I wear, and that's how I think everybody should be. It's all about being you, being original and doing what suits you, not trying to keep up with the trends. If you still like fitted caps, rock fitted caps. You don't have to wear a snapback."

3. Respect the architects

"I consider Viktor & Rolf to be style icons. Their line in general just speaks for itself. I love every Viktor & Rolf collection from their suits all the way down to the way they put them together, the clear-framed glasses they wear and the different blazers. I've just always thought they were really dope dudes."

4. Wake and wear

"Even when you wake up in the morning, you should get up and wear your best. Prepare yourself for a day where you can be confident and feel good. That's where I feel it all starts."

5. Ballin' on a budget is a breeze

"There are so many incredible places that are not considered high-end. You can go to H&M, you can go to Uniqlo, you can go to Top Shop, you can go to American Apparel. Don't think you have to shop at a place that's wack and feel like you have to settle. There are plenty of places you can shop and still be fly with it."

6. Imitation is the highest form of flattery

"I've seen younger dudes [dress like me], which is super flattering when they look up to me. I definitely see that with dudes in general. I do have female fans who enjoy what I wear and stuff. It's a great feeling. So when you're doing you, there's nothing better than that, especially if people are taking a positive thing away from it."

7. Comfort is key

"I'm wearing an Adidas tracksuit right now and I'm comfortable in it. That's what it's about being comfortable in what you're in at that moment and whatever you like. I mean, I just wear what I like. I probably wouldn't rock anything I don't like, but if you like it, that's what's important. Just be."