A guild that hates whalers and people who LOVE Whale Wars. If you hate whaling and loves Sea Shepards this guild is just for you.

1 Cussing is allowed but not over the top. One F bomb allowed in each post.
2 NO inapropraite content or talk.
3 I dont care if you post gory images of whaling unless there ones that make you run to the bathroom puking.
4 If your on as a joker and you love whaling I will kick you off this guild and bash your name all over my profile.
5 Also post or I'll remove you from no activity after a month or two.
6 And please dont copy and paste from websites. Then its just information.

When requesting to join please write
1Why you want to join
2How much you know about Sea Shepard(i really dont care how much u know just wondering)
3How long you have supported it
4And do u plan on becoming a Sea Shepard member when you get older or if you already r one.