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Supernatural beings have always lived among humans, most going to great lengths to keep their true nature hidden from human eyes. Keeping who you really are a secret is no easy task, and often comes with many prices. Those that slip up and reveal their true selves to humans usually pay a dear price if the humans react badly to it. And let's face it, most humans do not react well when coming face to face with a creature far different from themselves. Most fear them, others hate them, and the end result is never good for anyone involved in it.

But, how is that fair? That those of the supernatural variety must live in darkness, forced to watch their every move and not do anything that might give themselves away? Why do humans have the run of the world? This is the age old question asked by anyone that finds themselves to be anything but human. Some of these poor souls are not even able to go out around humans at all, if their appearance gives them away as being non-human.

This is where Supernatural Utopia was created from. A mysterious supernatural by the name of Genevieve "Gen" Bellatrix, grew tired of having to hide who she really was every day of her life, of being surrounded by humans all the time. So, she spent a lot of time, effort, and money, into turning an island into a supernatural utopia. A spell cast over the island hides it from humans eyes, and is on no map known to man. To any ships passing by, it's completely invisible and the spell wards them off around the island.

Those that are supernatural have no trouble seeing the island, or finding it if they decide to venture out on their own. Whispers have been spread throughout the supernatural community about this island, and many supernatural have decided to travel here to live their lives among their own kind and be able to freely relax without fear of humans discovering their real nature. Those that wish to get a ride to the island, can catch a ride on the Uptopia Ferry, which goes all over the world and picks up supernatural beings and charts them to the island. Being a magical ferry, the trip is always rather short and can get them to the island within a day after picking them up, no matter what corner of the world the passengers are from.

The island of Supernatural Utopia is located off of the coast of Hawaii, and is guaranteed to make every supernatural's stay the best of their lives.

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