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~A Guild for Suju Fans~

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E.L.F Code of Etiquette

On a lot of guild homepages, the first thing you`ll find is a long list of numbered rules. I'm warning you right now that here in E.L.F. you're not going to find those. That's because E.L.F isn't about power, control, or being exclusive, E.L.F is about freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of belief, and freedom of fun. Rules tend to make a person feel pressured and/or restricted- but all we want is you to be yourself yum_strawberry User Image

Although, one assumption is made when you join E.L.F, and it is one that may be called...Common Sense. Be respectful of others.That means everyone whether they are old E.L.Fs, new E.L.Fs, ANYBODY. Remember everybody has a different outlook on life, different opinions, or things that they enjoy.At E.L.F we like to celebrate this diversity, because otherwise if everyone would be the same,and that would be pretty boring!

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~~may all your Super Junior dreams come true~~