Welcome to the official guild of Demi Lovato & Sonny with a Chance!

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The coolest guild EVER to talk about Demi Lovato & Sonny With a Chance!!!

Meet new friends with similar interests here!!!

FUN!!! FUN!!! FUN!!!

Play FUN GAMES and discuss other Nick and Disney shows and anything at all.

I can't believe that the old owner of the old Demi Lovato Guild would have given the guild away to someone who obviously cared nothing about Demi. I offered to take over the old guild myself but she chose that other person over me. What a shame really. crying
That is why I have created this new guild. I will never abandon this guild and this guild is here to stay for good and always to be true and dedicated to the lovely Demi Lovato.
For right now I am auto accepting anyone who wants to join. Members of the old Demi Lovato guild are strongly encouraged to join this guild. I don't have much extra free time at the moment so it may take a little time before I can get this guild to the way I would like it to be so bear with me as this guild is being built it is a work in progress.

I normally don't add people as crew or vice captains, but if you are willing to help out a lot I may take a chance on you and put on a few crew members if you are willing to help me to build this guild into a beautiful shrine for all of those who love Demi and her music and her acting. PM me if you are interested.

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