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Just Another Random Guild For Random Needs That Random People Care About.
We Belong To: Successful Edit
She Pulls The Strings: WeirdQueers
Hey Let's Get To One Hundred+ Guild Mates.
We're An: All Gender+Race+Sexuality Guild
Who Likes: Role Players, Gaia Artists, Writers... Practically Everyone c:

We Are An: Old Guild Looking For A New Start
Daas Rules:
One: We don't talk about fight club
Two: You can talk to WeirdQueers, candie_girl23, or keirei for anything, or for donating ( Donating will go to popular thread creators, contest winners, or anything else we can think of ).
Three: Follow the ToS and the rules of the guild. If you can't do this, don't join.
Four: No Trolling/Flaming threads. Let's just get along.
Five: There are rules throughout the guild. Do us all a favor and read them.
Six: Bruh, we want you to make threads! Make as many threads as your heart desires! Just don't make copies of those threads.. that's.. that's just overboard. Popular threads get sticky-fied so everyone can see c:
Seven: This is a PG-13 site. I'm not saying don't be yourself if you happen to be a little perverted, just no naughty images or offers.
Eight: Have fun for Queer's sake!

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