Hey and welcome! This guild is for any gearhead who loves the streetracing scene, loves to hear their modded, beautiful cars purr as they idle, who love the adrenaline rush as they fly by going sideways in a perfect drift, and who love to just talk and meet other gearheads! You can talk about cars, help people find a certain part, give advice and ideas, or reminisce about your past races. It doesn't matter which one you do, just that you participate! The only thing I will ask is that you do NOT talk about how great nascar is in here, any true gearhead knows that nascar isn't true racing!

Now there is an entry fee of 5 gold... Not alot! And there are requirements for joining... When you request to join please send me a link or a pic of your favorite car. Simple really! Well hope you all have fun and have an awesome day!