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Istrea is a world very similar to that of our Earth, a land of lush forests and towering kingdoms that loom over the trees. It is a world home to many different species, if you can think of it, someone of that species resides somewhere in Istrea. The lands are split into nations where certain species reside to prevent any quarrels from happening. Fashrade is the land of humans and magicians; Goleta is the land of Elves, Dwarves, and Centaurs; Noeven is the land of demons; Erelandra is the land of Angelic beings; and Erowyth is the land where all others reside.

No wars or battles have been waged in the longest time, since Istrea is a land of peace. The borders of the lands are reinforced to keep the peace. If one wishes to travel to a certain species, they must first be granted a travel permit before they may enter the lands. There is no war ongoing, but those who enforce this rule are the Elves against the demons and the demons against the humans. Since many wish to avoid a war from starting, they follow this rule without question.

However, no peace can last forever, for an evil lurks in the darkest shadows of the world. Prophecy states that on the eve of a particular Winter Solstice, the most powerful and evil of witches, Kamawanaiyo Ootoma, shall awaken from her slumber and once again rule the world for centuries with an iron grasp. Everyone knows that Kamawanaiyo was locked inside the body of a Knight, but no one remembers who that knight was. Even worse, if the body of that knight dies, than Kamawanaiyo shall awaken before the Solstice even arrives.

A hunt goes on for any clues about the Knight's whereabouts to keep them from entering the Temple of Fate at the border of Fashrade and Goleta. However, others wish for the dark witches return. A band of rogues, some demons, have claimed that they shall awaken the dark witch and assume rule of other realms. To make this happen, they target the heirs of several realms. One of which is Princess Elesmira of Goleta, who flees to Fashrade for protection from the demons.

Can Elesmira be saved? Can a fellowship of heroes join forces to find the knight who unwittingly carries Kamawanaiyo inside them and keep them away from the Temple until the Solstice has passed? Or will the hands of time work for evil instead of good?!

Above is the plot to FASHRADE KNIGHTS, the main guild story. However, this guild is much more than one story. Inside, members will have a forum where they can post their own stories and collaborate with fellow guildmates to enjoy themselves and their time here. While not required to join the main rp, it is suggested to do so as you will meet many of the talented roleplayers that reside here.
Enjoy your time here!