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☮ Welcome To Stoner Utopia ❀

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An Active Guild For Discussing All Things Marijuana Related
We want to prove it’s a little more than just getting high. We are here to talk about strains, we encourage growers to share tips and give advice to aspiring growers, and we want to show the artistic side with glass blowing and otherwise.

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Quick Thangs
User Image Be Active; Dont join and not post!
User Image No Judgment; If you do belong then don’t come a bash, we are people who chose different vices, that’s all
User Image Friendliest Place Possible; we accept anyone (to a point) so we arent nothing but livers of the lifestyle, we are supports too. }The Point Is, If You Dont Support You Arent Welcome - Join JUST To TROLL And You Will Get Banned And Reported!!!{

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I Thank You For Your Interest, I Hope You Chose To Join Us In Our Endeavor To Prove A Life Style Choice~

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**Lil Note: The guild has plenty of funds! Donate Gold And Items To The Guild Mule For Contests Prizes!! Stoners Utopia Mule