Welcome to Stoner's Corner Guild!

We're glad youre here. SCG is a place for stoners, and non-stoners alike. First and foremost, please familiarize yourself with the guild. Below are links to important places in SCG and on Gaia. Click away. Because its clickable. =3

If you, or anyone you know has abused, and you suspect overdose of any psychoactive substances, IMMEDIATELY contact your local poison control center.
If you do not know how to reach your local branch, call:

You will automatically be redirected to the nearest poison control center in your area.

SCG Rules
[For full text, please visit the Rules and Disclaimer post in SCG]
1. Follow Gaia's ToS and RaG
2. Respect one another!
3. ALL links regarding DRUGS, or anything ILLEGAL MUST be ran by your captain, [fukai_mori_06] or your vice captain, Eddy Vortex.
4. New members must follow the 5 post rule!
5. SCG follows and 3-strike rule. We are liberal, but have no tolerance for rule breaking.
6. Post in Appropriate Subforums.

New Announcements

After much contiplation and consideration, I [fukai] have offically stepped down from guild captain. Please, lets all welcome Kittymeeow as our new guild captain, and make her feel as loved as you all have made me feel. Eddy Vortex and Myself are now second to Kitty as Vice Captains to the guild.
Kitty will do an amazing job as our captain, and I have confidence in this decision!

Today begins inactive member banning! Notifications will be sent along with each and every ban, explaining why the banning has occured, and what to do in the event the banned member would like to remain a member. Most of you are just fine, but there are certainly a lot inactive members! razz

Due to current overhauls, SCG will be temporarily NOT be accepting new members. All new applications will be suspended until further notice.

After much delay, SCG gets some much needed TLC! A notification will be sent out to all members announcing the next inactive member ban. The notice will be sent TONIGHT. Those of you who have met your 5 post minimum, please disregard.
ALSO! SCG needs some new art. ALL guild art is welcome. New banners, especially. They can be sent directly to me, and I'll get them in appropriate places. Yay for progress! =D

Prefered Paraphernalia has finally been updated, and super packed with TONS of information about pieces and the way you smoke. Check it out. =3

After a long, four month wait, front page has been updated again! Remember all those spiffy 4/20 and anniversary pictures you guys did for the guild? Yeah. Theyre floating around on the imageloop. Have a looksie. <3

Stoner's Corner Guild Disclaimer
Stoner's Corner Guild of Gaia Online contains information, messages, text files, and links to websites that may contain information regardling illicit substances and/or the recreastional use of illegal substances or devices related to said substances. SCG will not be responsible for the action of any member of SCG in the event that [s]he is involved in any illegal activites, including the purchase of illegal substances over the internet.
Stoner's Corner Guild does not suggest or recommend the recreational use of any illegal or harmful substances. SCG supports the research of chemicals that may be found in any number of illegal substances. If one is unsure about the law regarding illicit substances in their reigion, they should contact their local government, and obtain the proper information.
Stoner's Corner Guild is not a place for users to buy, trade, sell or borrow illegal substances and/or currency, items of value, or Gaian currency for the purchase of illegal substances.
All members, including the creator and moderators are law abiding citizens and will not be held responsible for the actions taken against any said member in the event of illegal activities.

Joining SCG
Stoner's Corner Guild welcomes any and everyone that has respect for us and our lives. Joining is simple! Just click the 'join guild' button, and tell us a little about yourself. Please use the following format when requesting to join SCG.
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