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Ex astris, scientia.

Or From the stars, knowledge.

(The Form to fill out to enter this guild is below-YOU MUST FILL IT OUT!)

This is from our main campus and headquaters which is situated in Fort Baker, California.

You will have four years in a field, to study, learn, and explore your surroundings before taking the graduating test.

After that, you will be placed on a ship as an ensign. Who knows what amazing and new things you will accomplish in a Starfleet Ship.

If you do not belong in the United Federation of Planets, you will need a recommendation letter from a command-level officer in the Starfleet, before you take the entrance exam.

The entrance exam is short and will cost a small fee. The money will go to our Clan fund.

If you would like to join the Starfleet Medical Academy, please state so. We only accept 20 applicants every 6 months.

We have Advanced Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics, Computer Programming, Command, Communications, Counseling, Engineering, Exoarchaeology, Exobiology, Helm, Navigation, Operations, Probability mechanics, Security, Sciences, Xenolinguistics, and Zoology as Programs.

This is where the Admirals and Teachers will post news.

~~~Welcome to Starfleet!~~~
To Students,
Welcome to Starfleet, we hope that you will learn and have fun while you are here. There are many activites you can do while at the Academy, so we hope to see all of you active and having fun!

From your Professors


Starfleet Academy Entrance Form/Test
Gaia Name:
Favorite Starfleet Franchise (new to it or a Total Trekkie):
Program (please reply below if you want Medical):
Applying to Medical Academy (Y/N):
Do you have recommendation (only non-Fedration citzens reply)(Y/N):
Would you like to be a Crew member? (please note you will get another test if you do) (Y/N):

Starfleet est. 2161
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