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Its been almost a year since Revan saved the Republic from the onslaught of Malak and the Star Forge. Withdrawn from the public eye, the Sith quietly wage their own war against the Jedi and in fighting ensues between Sith sects. The Republic desperately attempts to catch its breath and put the Galaxy back into some semblance of order. The Telosian Restoration Project is the Outer Rims only hope in recovering from the wars destruction.
Due to effects of the war, the Jedi Order has disbanded; leaving much of the Galaxy unprotected. Slowly the remaining Jedi are being hunted by the Sith.

Guild purpose:
This guild uses Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Saga edition roleplaying rules which have been modified for the forum. Saga edition works best for forum games as it already has a very cinematic feel and doesn't so much focus on the rules (as they are just guidelines) than it does on the characters and the game.

Please be prepared to submit an RP sample for review.
When you submit a request to join, please indicate which RP game you are interested in: Growing Shadows or Dark Side Rising. If you have an idea on your character concept please include that as well.