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Welcome to Special Resident Bioterrorism Corporation Inc (SRBCI). We are Resident Evil guild that specializes in the art of role playing!

General Rules:
- Our rules are fairly simple! Use your common sense! We have the right to add/change rules as needed.

1) Be polite when out of character.
2) Let someone know if you are unable to post for a while!
3) Don't spam, spam is nasty.

Role playing (In character) rules:

After general conscious we're updating the rules to help keep misunderstandings at bay. If you are doing any of the below just continue with whatever changes are needed.

1) Post in a paragraph format in the style you'd find in books. No ** or chat logs.
2) Post in third person.
3) Include enough detail so fellow role players understand what's happening. Also give them something to respond to.
3) Please stay in context. If you're unsure of something ask.
4) No God-Moding!
5) No chatspeak/texttalk
6) Use some form of OOC is you're speaking OOC

How the SRBCI got it's name:

Special - S.T.A.R.S
Resident - Resident Evil
Bioterrorism - BSAA
Corporation - Umbrella
Inc - Tricell

Clever, no?