Welcome to this world called Undre'dor, it is a mystical world that falls between the dimensions of existent, in-which every single mythological pantheon takes interest. The natives of Undre'dor practice one of three cultures. The first is Warfare, feared for the speed, strength of those with a weapon, unarmed and mentally disciplined for battle. They are the heroes that battle ten battles in a night and walk away without a scratch. They are the master thieves that can out-wit a enormous foe into fatally falling off a cliff. then there is Technology, those who are far advanced in the mind as well with tools & for the most part, very peaceful. They are those who create the enormous battle mechs, and those who can figure out a situation like thinking ten moves ahead in a chess game.Then we finally have Magic, it is what shaped Undre'dor in which few learned to control it & pass it along, Magical races and species it comes easy to, for everyone else it must be in there blood. The Element chooses you. They are very sacred and scattered. I am creating a guild that revolves around this world that is semi-lit or lit depending on the sub-forum. In need of ten members to start this world off. Ihave already went through two experimental guilds that lasted a decent amount of time and post. Every single race is invited though talk to me first to see how it'd fit. i am working on a system in which the longer you are apart the stronger your character is, every character will have a sort of power chart for the three Warfare, Technology & Magic.
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