"Whenever you fail or hesitate,
or lose sight of your dreams,

I want you to look up."

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Shibusen, the Death Weapon Meister's Academy--it's naught but a vague memory to even the oldest witch. It used to exist long ago.

The same can be said for most things.

Somewhere in the wastelands of western America stands a single structure, a testament to a bygone era. This heap of Old World debris is known as Death Tower. It's one of the few strongholds kept safe from the constant radiation of insanity that reduced the rest of the world to rubble and meandering, blood-crazed kishin. It's also long-since been the birthplace of many aspiring warriors, sworn to protect this symbol of humanity's perseverance from the hoards of enemies that threaten to break down the ever-weakening barriers day after day.

These warriors are weapons, their meisters, and the witches they once opposed.

These warriors are you.


Guild Details
• Semi-lit and up
• Original characters only
• Experienced mods
• Plot-driven
• Welcoming to new role-players
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