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This isn't your normal, run-of-the-mill slave service guild, where all the masters are kind and giving, slathering their pets in affection. Though, you may find a master or two that maybe so kind as to kill you with kindness, yet not the freedom you desire. Then there are the masters who care not for their playthings, and only use and abuse them, if you are weak willed and lack spirit, you will be broken by them, and would only pray for death. There are monsters that roam these realms, and some of them are dressed to kill and able to pay all the money in the world for the perfect slave. To be weak is to be dead, to be defiant is to be broken, and to be submissive is perhaps your only option with these sort of people.

This isn't a typical situation where all the slaves are happy to serve their masters, there are the feisty, rebellious souls who spit in the face of anything that displays authority or dominance, and submission is something they despise worse than punishment or death. You may find those kinds of slaves inside, but don't count on every one of them being overly affectionate and warm to you as soon as you purchase them. While some are broken in spirit, and more than willing to serve to survive, others are wild and untamed, and will be more than happy to try and kill you in your sleep if you are not always on your toes.

Always watch your back.
Keep your guard up.
Watch your step.
...And never anger anyone, no need for things to escalate and become ugly.

This is a Literate Guild.
We are strict on activity, Inactive users will be removed.
One-Liner posts are a no-no.
When joining, include a sample of your work.
Put the words "Modest Mouse" in your request so we know you have read everything.