-This Roleplay is made from my story "Skywar" I am currently having a hard time continuing it so i was hoping i could get some ideas from your posts if you allow me.

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In a land far away, there lived a kingdom called Stormhold. Stormhold consisted of people who could manipulate the elements, Fire,Water,Earth and Air. There were four families in particular that have possessed these elements for a long time now, they are the strongest among all the people of Stormhold. The Flamehearts, Family of the strongest fire manipulators. The Fluvis, Family of the strongest water manipulators. The WoodRows, Family of the strongest earth manipulators. And Lastly, The Scarwinds, The strongest wind manipulators. Wait, there's more!

After a few centuries, Two of the elders, one from Flameheart and one from Scarwind went out into the forbidden lands, The forbidden lands consisted of creatures that have yet to be discovered. Luckily for the two elders they came across one creature in particular. They managed to save a dragon in a cave and in return the dragon gave both of them a dragon egg. Ever since then people of Scarwind and Flamehearts were gifted with dragon eggs once they reached a certain age.

Because of this, The people of Fluvis and Woodrow found it unfair that Scarwinds and Flamehearts could ride dragons. People of Fluvis and Woodrow declared war and so they fought.

Flamehearts and Scarwinds decided to make a Truce and so they combined their forces and are now called "Rage". Fluvis and Woodrow on the other hand did the same and are now called "Wrath"

Rage won the war but their homes were damaged so they took refuge on a mountain not too far from where they once lived. Wrath, with their heads still held high after losing the war took refuge down hill, not too far from Rage.

Years passed and both Rage and Wrath lived on with their lives but every year they saw to it that on the last day of the year there would be a "Skywar" and whoever won would claim all the dragons in the land.

Which side do you choose? Rage? With the Fire and Wind manipulators? Or Wrath? consisting of the Earth and water manipulators?
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