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~*~ DO NOT donate to the guild. ~*~
~*~ Always Be Creative ~ Dare To Go On A Limb ~*~
~*~ Always Give It Your Best ~ Never Give Up. ~*~
~*~ NEVER Stop Writing. ~*~
~*~ Write About Anything Or Anyone. ~*~
~*~ Everything Is Fine In Moderation. ~*~
~*~ NO Racism Of Any Kind ~ Thank You! ~*~

~*~ {{Its okay to critique but - BE SUPPORTIVE}} ~*~

This is a place to learn, to teach, to create together and to grow as a writer - NOT to be rude or judgmental.

Keep in mind while critiquing each others work that we are all have different levels of experience and knowledge regarding poetry. One member may have already taken classes while another is starting to write on their own. This does NOT mean that one is better than the other - one just happens to be more informed.

Also - keep in mind of "age" - some members are younger while others are older; some have less life experience while others have seen the world.

~*~ I Love You All! Have fun! ~*~

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