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"The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh."

Storyline depth:

((Shattered Memories is excluded from the story as Harry Mason's existence in the original game was very different then the re-imagining. The details behind the ritual of Alessa's sacrifice in Silent Hill Origins and the way her soul separates will be disregarded due to the note you find in Nowhere of Silent Hill 1, it contradicts their version of the ritual because it actually happened in the basement and Alessa's stress and fear caused the boiler to explode, catching several houses on fire.))

Each Protagonist has had a reason for being in this town, even if it has been indirect . . . It's been two-whole years since Protagonist Cheryl Mason (also known as Heather)
has entered the town of Silent Hill . . . Cheryl had gone there to avenge her father for the Cult's assassination of Harry Mason, her adopted father, he was killed by The Missionary, Claudia Wolf's attempts to birth the "God" were thwarted however, Harry in the end had the last laugh. Heather vomited the half-formed "God" by means of the Aglaophotis inside of the pendant that he gave her. Claudia's response was one of enormous shock, before Cheryl could smash the fetus however, Claudia pushed her out of the way and ate it, giving her the status that she intended for Cheryl, to birth the "God." Claudia was taken down into the depths of the cult church by Valtiel, Cheryl jumped in to the hole to see what was going on, in the end, Cheryl killed the incomplete "God." Cheryl continued on with her life.

Guild Story:

Cheryl began working at Happy Burger to make money while she began to seek out a college. Alessa in her memory form still existed within the Otherworld inside of Silent Hill, she had grown compassionate about Harry as she did Lisa and decided that if it were possible, she could try to revive one, or both of them, this was also due to her wanting her living self to live happily again, unfortunately, he wouldn't simply be able to leave Nowhere like they could have before, the only thing she could do is invite Cheryl to return for him, what was this to be? A trap? A trick? Was the cult simply trying to delude her? What was it to be? Either way, Cheryl only had one thing in mind, finding the truth, she cared about him, and wasn't about to quit now.

Now, a new threat awakens as the Cult have gained a new leader, the last member of the Wolf family, only because Leonard abandoned her before Claudia was born, she intends to use the blood of a certain group of individuals under a different religious sect within the Cult called the Virtuous Blood, with that blood, they will infuse it into the fetus during the sacrifice and create the God that they desire....the intended victims are confirmed to be Alessa Gillespie(Cheryl "Heather" Mason) in order to birth God through her hatred, then the blood of a particular 'family' being lured into town. This time, it will take more then blind luck to stop the hell drawing poor souls into Silent Hill, and the birth of the Cult's God.


-No God Modding(This includes Meta Gaming, Puppeteering, and any other form of irrational or any other type of God Modding)

-No Disobeying Gaia's TOS(This should go without saying, if you need to review this . . . it is at the bottom of the Gaia Online page.)

-No Trolling/Flaming(No insulting people because of their level of roleplay, if you feel that they aren't being semi-lit please help them along and show them how you roleplay, but don't be disrespectful.)

-No Romantic Scenes (This isn't Twilight.) - Minor love or crushes or feelings for characters are a different story, just no super kissy stuff.

-No Mary Sues or Gary Stus here, you can be related to certain main characters, but you can not be their love child, you cannot have their abilities and be some overpowered character. This is rather annoying and I'd prefer this stuff to be avoided thank you.

While we accept many of you regardless of your roleplay ability, however, one liner roleplay posts are simply unacceptable, we require a couple paragraphs worth of a post at minimum. Those who fail to comply to the paragraph rule will be told to correct their roleplay post, if they fail to do so, the post may be subject to being deleted, or edited upon additional warnings. This doesn't go for the whole guild, just the main roleplay, you are free to post however long, or short as you wish within the Misc. Roleplay section.

-Can you at least post once per week? And when you are unable to post, state it in this thread?

-Please donate to the funds so we can make subforums and send announcements (Not to get too pushy or anything)

Sending your request...

In joining you promise to follow Gaia's TOS, be respectful to other members, and remain active throughout the guild, inability to do so will result in being removed from the guild. You must send your request with the answers to the questions below.

1. Do you have any knowledge of Silent Hill?

2. Have you ever Roleplayed before?

3. Do you promise to post at least once per week if possible?
(Take in mind that the amount of posts you have will add up, if you have a decent amount, worry less then if you only have 15 posts.)

Examples of Accepted Requests:


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Examples of Denied Requests:


I like Silent Hill! smile

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Can I join please!


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