Welcome. im sure you know what shooting stars are, but i bet you have no idea what shooting "starZ"are, huh?, well in a couple words i can sum it up.
unique,creative,wierd,random,and of course awesome people! 'D. now dont get me wrong any one can join. Have a talent come on in,Have a wierd story to tell come on in, Have something to say COME ON IN!, i literally mean anyone can join, there is no Joining fee,because i mean come on why should you have to pay to join guild right. On the other hand,We do have rankings,not just the standard Guild rankings i mean as in,..well you will just have to join to see for yourself . So why don't cha Kick back relax and click the "join guild" button down there. you wont regret it -wink-

Btw, we do have Ninjas,warriors,samurais. So watch out << >>