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Shinobi Nations is a free style Naruto role play with advanced character creation, detailed thread and forum writing stations and competitive contests for new ideas. We're a literate/semi-literate guild eager to help any and all writing styles, including first and third person, advance to literary glory.
Our Naruto themed guild has six villages, six separate countries to explore, traveling roads, a merchant village, 14 different sage countries and we continue to grow with every new face that joins!
The arcs are developed and based around the Naruto universe but with the individual flare of the Kages of each village and their unique players. Every village has its own storyline and plot and every character has the chance to develop their own private plot.
Every character advances based on a point system where you earn advancement credit when they complete one of our mission challenges. The missions can be done solo or as a team and the choice is yours!
Character development is encourage and welcomed among the villages and within the individual players. Feel free to be as good or evil as you like!
We're an equal opportunity guild so there is a strict policy regarding meta-gaming, power playing and manners. We want everyone to feel comfortable playing here and we encourage our members to speak up when they have questions or problems with anyone in the guild.

Why do you want to join SN?:
What other Naruto guilds, if any, have you been in:
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Roleplaying example:
(At least one full paragraph of a character of your choosing, in a setting of your choosing. You may use canon characters in this example, but know that custom characters are used in SN itself. Any writing style is welcome.)