[NOTE This guild assumes that you have prior knowledge of the events of Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 and any other previously-released Shin Megami Tensei title. There will be spoilers inside, and the events of this role play will take place assuming that you are familiar with the story of the game. If you wish to join but do not know the full story of Persona 4, please do not hesitate to ask questions or search a plot synopsis on Wikipedia, or the Shin Megami Tensei Wikia. However the best way to become acquainted with the story is, as always, to play the game!]

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"Persona 4 FES - The Golden"
[A Shin Megami Tensei AND Persona 3, 4, and 5 Role Play Guild]

"Just because you know the truth, doesn't mean you're ready for it..."

The Story of Persona 4 FES - The Golden

It began with the Izanami Incident, resolved by the hard work of a band of high school students who joined together for a common goal...to return peace to the town of Inaba. Soji Seta struck down the vengeful Izanami and defied the Will of gods...but rather than restoring a permanent peace to his hometown, the peaceful village of Inaba descended into chaos.

First it was the Rise of Hetero, the Despondent One. A persona-user who had harnessed the power of the Shadows to become an incomparable force within the world of the television, Hetero sought to subjugate humanity to his Will while pretending to aim for the revival of Nyx that others like him demanded...but through many tough battles, suffering losses along the way and nearly sacrificing his own life, Soji and his friends struck the final blow and ended his reign...only to give rise to something far worse. Simon the Progenitor, the successor of Hetero and the First of the Shadow Persona-Users took over and Tartarus, the Tower of Demise, was reborn within the Television. With Hetero no longer hindering him, the Investigation Team's fight against the shadow persona-users seemed impossible...but climb the Tower they did, until they stood upon the precipice in anticipation of another final battle...

...Simon's defeat was swift, but not by the hands of the Investigation Team...by the reborn Hetero bereft of his human host. And through Simon's defeat, Chaos itself called Nyarlathotep emerged and was driven away by Soji and his friends. It was all nearly over...until the true threat, the mastermind behind all that had come to pass until now, revealed itself. It was Soji Seta's very own shadow, and through his machinations Tartarus had manifested in the Real World, chaos in the form of military groups, chaotic rebels, demons, and shadows of all different forms had invaded Inaba and given rise to a Death Wish that humanity could not suppress. The town was a cesspool...and that despair would cry out to Nyx and she would descend once more. There, Soji Seta's shadow would seek to dominate Death itself and command its power...to destroy the pantheon of Heaven and ascend through the Tower of Babel that would replace the Tower of Demise. His machinations were nearly perfect...and by his hand, the great hero of the Investigation Team fell.

...Only to rise again and renew the fight. Wars began to rage throughout the country, and an inevitable destruction seemed imminent...the end of the war could only conclude with despair...if it were ever to end at all...

And so the world was brought to the very edge of destruction, the many forces of Japan warring against one another threatening her survival...before something happened beyond anyone's comprehension...a sacrifice in the shadows, the condemnation of a good soul to safeguard the will of men unto the future...

Through this sacrifice, much of the evil that had taken hold of Inaba was thrown back...and Brand New Days were upon them. However, some evils are not so easily cast aside...


Again, and perhaps for the very last time, the world begins to move and change. The shadows begin to emerge from the Tower of Babel, their final nest...manipulated by the Investigation Team's greatest foes. Shadow Soji and Hetero have recovered their strength...and Soji and his friends must now face their darkest days, the parts of themselves even they can't accept, and climb the Tower of Babel to put an end to it...


Once and for all, the power of persona will be used to push back the shadows...or all Japan will be lost in the fog and the shadow of the Tower of Vanity...

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About the Guild

Persona 4 FES - The Golden is a Role Play guild which will work in a similar daily progression to the Persona 4 video game; The Golden is a direct sequel to the Persona 4 Video Game and to the Persona 4:FES Guild. However, with the story beginning Fresh in The Golden and new members being admitted to each group, no prior knowledge of Persona 4:FES is necessary in order to participate in this Guild!

In the Guild, time/days will progress through a series of periods that will include Early Morning [Before School], Morning [Morning Classes], Lunch, Afternoon [Afternoon Classes], After School [Club Activities/Exploration], Evening [Part-Time Jobs/Social Links], and Late Night [Late Night Activities, Midnight Channel Viewing]...or sometimes simply by times, such as 10:00 to 10:30 to 11:00 and so on. Not every part of a day will be notable every day, but interaction will occur during these periods.

Players will be allowed to use their characters and progress during these time periods on any given day, acting in whatever manner they choose. On most days, players will simply attend classes, extracurricular activities, or go about their daily lives. However if certain circumstances befall them, they may be pulled into the great mystery surrounding the strange events taking hold of Inaba and the World. Characters who are drawn into the story will be asked to choose from one of the Main/PC Classes in the Guild (Persona-User, Shadow Persona-User, etc.) and accept membership into one of the villainous or heroic organizations.

Once you have chosen your alignment, what you do is up to you...will you loyally tread the path until the very end? Will you lose faith and betray your comrades? Or will you become mired in the lies and fog surrounding you and lose your way? Develop your character however you choose! Test the waters of different alignments, make friends, form rivalries!

This is our own story within the world of Persona 4...make of it whatever you choose, and reach out for very your own truth!


Interaction with other students, friendships, romance, action, and studies...all of these aspects of a high school student's life...will come into play as you and your friends try to unravel the mysterious rebirth of the threat of the shadows! It's interaction and action in an RP at it's finest, in the world of one of the great modern RPGs!

Any other questions? Don't hesitate to ask. Original characters and canon characters are both welcome and needed!

Rules and How to Join

-To join, please send an RP sample. Include the name you want to be called, and the character you would like to play.
-This is a literate RP. Please do not use chatspeak in RP.
-Follow the Gaian ToS [No Cybering, Soliciting, etc.]
-Please treat others as you would like to be treated. [No Godmodding, Quoting, Page-Stretching, or General Unpleasantness]
-Respect all moderator decisions and follow rules/directions. Unspecified rules are open to our interpretation.
-Please do not post forums without permission.


These Guilds come with the highest recommendation of the Captain and members of this Guild! If you have interest in any of the subjects covered by them, and you love to RP, then we absolutely suggest that you check out the Guilds listed below!