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Guild Story________

tab Once, long ago, the world was dominated by the laws and culture of the Shinobi. Wielding the mystical force known Chakra and the physical prowess of one's Stamina, the Shinobi ruled the known world from their so-called Hidden Villages, run by military generals known collectively as Kage. Once, a war unlike any seen again waged across the lands, pitting nations and villages against one another in battles that touched every corner and walk of life. Millions perished as the forces of nature were utilized as weapons, as jutsu, the conduit for the Shinobi's chakra, changed the very face of the world at every turn. Innocence was a concept long forgotten in the eyes of the embattled, for none were safe from the travesties that inevitably came from such aggressions. It spoke to the passion of conflict that when something new, something unforeseen began to assault the ranks of civilian and soldier alike it took years to finally take notice. Something beyond Chakra, beyond Stamina, beyond the laws of nature the Shinobi had fought to enforce upon the world had woken: a plague, swiftly called The Taking. It mattered not who you were, what station or deeds you had committed, those Taken by the plague over the age of sixteen were encased within a chrysalis that shattered at the lightest touch, the body and all its possessions reduced to a material that none could recognize.

tab The wars that had slowed with the enormous loss of life reignited as fingers began to point, as nations turned upon friend and enemy alike in a frantic bid to find an origin for the crisis. The discovery that those under sixteen so Taken became indestructible instead of decimated almost went unnoticed in the senseless slaughter. For hundreds of years the Shinobi struggled against forces who rose against them, blaming them for this unnatural plague even as the Taken claimed at random, without any discernable pattern, until at last the final Era came. Until the last human being under the age of sixteen was claimed, leaving only those older to remain. Dubbed the Fifth Era in official records the might and knowledge of the Human Race turned from violence and instead focused upon all that remained to them: preservation. With concern for costs and resources thrown to the side, for with so few remaining they were in excess, technology boomed as machines amassed to preserve the knowledge and technology of the old world for what could be millenia.

tab Hope. That is all that remained to them. Hope that those who were under the age of sixteen would return and, when the did, return the world to the subjugation of the Shinobi way of life.
They were right.

tab An unknown number of years have passed, and the first human erupts from their chrysalis to a new world where the knowledge and power of the Shinobi has been replaced by something else: Magic. The rules and laws of a world built on the backs of the Shinobi Arts no longer apply, with the land infested with mana and grown into impossible shapes and designs. New species with civilizations and technology of their own, and magical powers that were only known in myths and legends in the previous world, the very foundation of the ancient world has now been turned on its head. New dangers abound as mankind wakens to a world once thought of as fantasy. Secret societies, races similar to humans and yet not, ancient spirits and demons and more rise in the wake of Mankind's return, and it seems that the Way of the Shinobi has, at last, met it's end. What remains is a world ripe for the picking for anyone who would dare piece together the Shattered Past.

What role will you play?

What you should expect from the guild________

tab Shattered Past: Rise of the lost is a former Naruto guild that, due to in-story events and an upcoming one, has seen a dramatic and cataclysmic change from a Naruto-themed universe to one based more on Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Chakra is changed out for Magic, with Mana and the energy of the body, Stamina, used to fuel combat and every-day experience. The Shinobi classes are exchanged for a slew of new Magic and Stamina-themed classes, each unique to themselves. Traditional Japenese culture, while still present in some places, has been switched for more modern, and futuristic technology and design, though with time having passed much of this has fallen into disrepair and ruin. In this guild there are no auto ranks, there are NPC races, cultures, and civilizations to work with, fight again, or ally with as you desire. Everyone starts at E - rank and makes of the world whatever they wish.

tab Here we strive for fairness in moderation, but do not expect this to mean that we are going to baby anyone, or go easy. The world of Shattered Past is both portrayed as, and will be run as, a rather brutal environment. Expect death to be a likely turn of events in any scenario, but not for death to be an end to your character, as there are mechanics for playing in Death itself as well as returning from it (perhaps not as you were). We regulate most things using a simple stat system encompassing 4 stats, as well as a crafting system. We have a robust customization setup, with classes allowing customized abilities, a host of custom spells and talents, and a large number of Evolutionary Traits, called Evos, that grant even more abilities with which to design your character. There are random encounters, dedicated staff to ensure smooth runs and approvals, as well as a friendliness towards creative thinking.

tab It must be stated that we will start out trusting the members to use approved unique personal attributes and abilities wisely. If we feel that this trust is being abused we shall review them and the choices made on an individual, case by case basis and if we find justification to do so those abilities will be revoked and more rules implemented to stop it from happening again.

tab This guild is also a guild designed for mid to high literacy. While we have no minimum so to speak, it is expected that everyone try their best to give descriptive posts in order for the moderators, and your fellow members, to effectively and efficiently give a decent response. There is no requirement to write in third person, and in fact we praise those who are willing to break out and attempt a first person writing! In the spirit of this, it is absolutely forbidden for any member of this guild to ignore another's post for reasons such as "I don't like reading first person posts!" or "It's just too stupidly long!" If this is found to be the case disciplinary action will follow if deemed appropriate on a case by case basis.


What the guild needs from you________

We need active role players that will bring in high activity, friends to join the guild, and a positive attitude. Once you are in the guild create your character and if there is anything that you do not understand please PM a Crew Member, Vice Captain, or even the Guild Leader for help. We aim to have fun, and build a life for our characters that doesn't just involve the cliche "who's stronger" plot. This guild requires both heroes, villains, and neutral parties overseeing the governing of the shinobi lands. In short, we need you.

A couple of suggestions after you join________

» Introduce yourself to the guild by going to the chatterbox and running your mouth, in a respectable way. To help with getting to know people we have a link there to our Guild Discord, which we highly recommend you join.

» The more we even our the populations, the more active the villages are, the better off the guild will be and the more villages we may release. Keep in mind that the village you start out in does not have to be the village you were originally from~!

» Inviting some of your friends will help the guild out so much. Make sure they are aware of the rules and the systems, or at least enough so they know if this is something they want to be in or not. We do not wish people to join for the sake of joining! Join only if you plan to participate!

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Trying to join or become an affiliate________

» First send a request with the following information please, that is if you are trying to join:

[b]Where Did You Hear of Us?:[/b] {This is to see how well our advertisement crew are doing!}
[b]How Active Do You Expect to Be?:[/b] {Just to gauge how much to worry if we don't hear from you in a week!}
[b]Were You In This Guild Before, When It Was Shinobi Strike?:[/b] {We've changed, and would love to know if you're coming back!

» After you send the request someone should get to checking them with-in the next 24 hours or less. If there are more questions, please PM directly the guild Captain, Lanfaer.