For the last hundred years the world of Shastia was governed by nine kingdoms. Eight of which controlled different races and one of which governed over all the other kingdoms. This has caused peace and prosperity to flourish in each of the nine kingdoms.

There was the Fire Kingdom; they controlled the mountains and desert regions on the planet. Here lived the Fire Elemental, beings who controlled the very nature of fire itself and their cousins the Dragons, these magnificent lizards where high in intellect and strength, and some but few magic, mostly involving heat and fire elements. Controlling both the land and the sky of their region, nesting high up on the mountain tops where they could see all.

The Water Kingdom; the cooler counterpart when compared to their hot temper of their brethren. Their region consisted of lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans. The Water Elemental reins here with gentle nature and patience being their strongest virtue, they were also known for their healing abilities. Their neighbors the Fey being swift of cunning tricks and had numerous of hidden safe hollows and traps to overcome to reach them. .

The Earth Kingdom; known for their great metalworking abilities. Here lived the strong willed Earth Elemental whom were known to bend but never break. Here their brothers were the dwarves who lived in the very stone itself, creating great masterpieces out of stone and gems, and their weapons which out did those of most other races. Due to the terrain, another common member of the Earth Kingdom is the Gollem, a mythical powerhouse of cold dense rock. This region is mountainous.

The Nature Kingdom; Here your Shape Shifters and Moon stricken Werewolves reign along with a lesser population of Nymphs and Ents. Quick at disguise they were good at gathering information for anyone they were great spies. After all, who would know that the dog outside your window was actually human or not. They were also known for their crop growing abilities. Being so close to nature they instinctively knew what a plant needs to produce the most food. Werewolves act as protectors of the Shape shifters with their brute strength and peace reigned between them. Nymphs, who are the spirits of trees, were also quite good at spying. They partnered with their gruff neighbors the Ents in a protective bond of harmony. Together they had provided the majority of the food for all of Shastia

The Magic Kingdom; Here Elves of all kind reigned. There were three races in particular however whom perfected the very art of magic itself. They pushed themselves to know their limits so as not to overexert themselves in a hired job. Yes hired, because of their outstanding abilities in the art of magic and sword they were called upon to hunt down rogues and guard caravans. Their great intellect almost rivaled the Dragons, but not quite. And why their enchanted weapons were renowned they only were able to pull them off with the dwarves help.

The Light Kingdom; Here the Light Elemental and Angels lived. They were strong in their defense and patience, often preferring not to fight unless their hand was tipped and then the struck hard and mercilessly. The Gates to their land was known as a safe haven were outcasts from other kingdoms could live as long as they did two things. Swore allegiance to the Light, and did their best to live a peaceful life.

The Dark Kingdom; Here your Vampires, Demons, and Dark Elemental reined. Disliking the sun for its hurtful rays they chose to prowl around during the dark when it was easier on their eyes. From spending so much time in the dark in enhanced their abilities, making them like inhuman hunting cats. They were known for their skills as assassins.

The International Kingdom; Here humans, and Half-Breeds mainly lived. Not really fitting anywhere of having any abilities except strength and speed, they busied themselves in using the advantages they had. Their strategy when moving an army rivaled any kingdoms. Basically, the international Kingdom is famous for their large port towns, trade routs, and merchant clientele. They're a diverse nation where all races convene in order to buy and sell merchandise.Seen by most to be a more neutral territory, the International Kingdom is actually the most powerful and rich Nation second on to the High kingdom.

Then finally, The High Kingdom; Until recently it was looked up to as the ruling kingdom. It was all because of the work of one Outcast Elf from the Light kingdom. His name was Rastaban. Rastaban was known as the High Kingdoms first King. He was a king of peace . With so many nations, races, and cultures on one continent, there were many wars. It was one of the reasons Rastaban lived in the Light Kingdom, to escape all the violence. Using all he knew from being an elf and a member of the Light kingdom, he had set out on his pilgrimage. He visited each kingdom and spoke to every race, from the fierce Dragons to the courageous Humans. His great but easy strength, which stemmed from his deep faith in all his ideas, is what made him so easy to trust in. This was when the High Kingdom was formed. The High Kingdom would have the final say in any debates, yet let each kingdom run its own affairs. Keeping things peaceful for many decades, life was wonderful for Shastia.

Alas, it did not last, for High King Rastaban was assassinated, and then his body taken to a great tomb. His body was never properly looked over, but his death was said to be caused by a stab wound to the heart. It was an eerie business. Directly following his assassination, the great war started. Chaos reigned over all the land and the cries that started the war were strongest from the Kingdom of Light and Magic, as they sought to take over the throne. They each believed one of their own should rule, and so they struck the first blow. The other kingdoms were soon dragged into the mess, all having their own opinions on who was the most suitable to govern everyone. The fuzzy report of Rastaban's assassination became a tool in the war process towards other kingdoms. If one had the slightest shred of "evidence" that another nation was involved in the killing of the High king, they were able to take "justified" military action against said kingdom. Though, the most heavily persecuted was the Kingdom of Dark, yet they were the ones whom claimed innocence the loudest. Thus, the treaty was broken and war ruled over all. It is here that history melts into the present and blends to make a future. Which kingdom will rule over all? Which race from that kingdom shall takeover? Will it be you? Is Rastaban really dead? Did he have an heir? Enter the world of Shastia to find out.

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