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██ : ≫ B - BE a ▪▪ s.triver ❛ ⋮ like___ .u s ² !
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s i l v e l l o s i l v e l l o s i l v e l l o s i l v e l l o s i l v feel the intangible achieve the impossible.
s i l v e l l o s i l v e l l o s i l v e l l o s i l v e l l o s i l v become a Striver today! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

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██ Welcome to Shallow Seas Strivers!
s i l x x x x x x x x x

Hello there! ^_^
It's good to see that you've found our clan here and are probably wondering what this clan
''Shallow Seas Strivers'' is all about! xD S.S.S which stands for Shallow Seas Strivers is a
community of reputable and trustworthy players that team up in crews to battle monsters
with the combined power of our mighty rings! It's a good way to connect with players,
make new friends, as well as get help with quests and attunements.

In this clan there are spectacular events! super fun games and competitions. We also have
non-zOMGing clan related activities which includes contests, events ,games, hangouts as
well as sponsor giveaways and much more! All of which are located in the sub-forums where
you can socialize, chat, make new
friends, form crews and of course have fun!

There are friendly gaians here waiting to meet you!
So come experience the true spirit of zOMGing!

╰━━━━━ Be a striver like us! Feel the intangible achieve the impossible ! ━━━━

s i l x x x x x x x x x

The clan was founded by Sambray on August 31st 2011 on gaiaonline. You can see how much
we've grown since then! You can join us by clicking the ''join'' Button in orange. Please make sure
to state a reason as to why you would like to join us. The entry fee only cost an insignificant
amount of 550 gold This gold here will be used to buy subforums and send out announcements.

A lot of our strivers have been kind to donate to the clan. The Golds and items donated are used
to host contest and events as well as sponsor giveaways to the Strivers.

Do not have second thoughts donating. Your donations will surely go a long way.
Please make sure when donating to donate to OFFICIALSSSMULE . On the behalf of the
whole S.S.S clan, thank you very much to those who donated and will be donating!

s i l x x x x x x x x x
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Favorite feline public figure!

s i l v e▆▆▆▆▆▆ ▆▆▆ ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ ▆▆▆▆▆▆ xxx